Research projects range from client specific market research, to macro-societal trends or historical analysis.  Information about recent, in progress, and upcoming research is here.  If you'd like to discuss any of these or other potential research, contact us here...

Coopting The Cops With Technology

A piece on the introduction of GIS technology to the NYPD in the 1990s will be published momentarily in Cartographica.

Let's Do Good

Better Decision Making for a Better World

If Haiti is in a Hole, The US Dug It

A recent Op-Ed which ran in the Hartford Courant, describes some of the history of US intervention in the island nation maligned by President Trump.


Bill Heiden

Productive of Unnecessary Expence

Canal construction is intertwined with America’s rise on the world stage and with Americans’ sense of themselves.  There is a powerful narrative which connects canals, as feats of engineering and of subduing nature, with an essence of virile Americanism.   In this paper I examine one failed canal as a proxy for many failed efforts and use it both in assessing the dominant narrative and evaluating other, more modern economic development efforts.

The Cold War, Americanism, and The Media

I examined the influence of the media on the Americanist sentiment in the 1950s, using Life Magazine as a proxy for the media interests.  Some interesting results come from inspecting every page of every issue for a decade of America's leading popular news source.  The report was written for an academic audience.  You can download a summary here.  If you're interested in seeing the whole report, send an email.