Let's Do Good

Better Decision Making for a Better World

This fall I joined the Retreat Team at Holy Family Retreat Center.  While I have been involved with them for years, I am very excited to be on the team.  I have over the past twenty years or so presented on a variety of topics related to religion, technology, and culture along with the strategy discussions I have led.  One of my favorite presentations discusses how we live at the intersection of faith and consumerism.

Also, over the past few years I have been developing a new non-profit international development organization, Levo International, Inc. with my sons.  Levo works to advance food stability and economic progress in the developing world.  In its intial stage, it is focusing on introducing hydroponic farming systems in Haiti.

Along with the items above, I continue to conduct historical research and write on a range of topics.  MOST recently, an OpEd I wrote on Haiti was published in the Hartford Courant.  It tries to put some historical context to the vitriolic rhetoric that is being offered throughout this country.

I have a quarter century of experience designing and implementing systems for growing organizations. I got hooked on difference making decision making back in 1994, when I took over a fledgling local non-profit considering closing its doors. I revamped operations, established new relationships and rebuilt others, expanded funding, volunteerism, and service geography. 20 years later, this non-profit is still serving its community.

Since, I helped create new approaches in financial services, HR, consulting, and aerospace. Along the way I have fed my passion to help others achieve their highest potential as a leader, trainer, coach, and presenter. I developed some unique strategy tools applicable to a broad range of organizations.

As the CFO/CMO of UP Aerospace, Inc., I helped a start-up firm become a respected leader and innovator in an industry previously dominated by large, established companies, inaugurating the first purpose built space launch facility in the United States.

Most recently, I introduced process improvement and marketing principles to a somewhat unlikely organization, a Catholic Parish. A 75 year old church, within a 2000 year old movement had fallen into a pattern of static funding and declining membership. Employing a number of tools and practices and giving attention to relationship management, I’ve helped to lead a resurgence in the community with so much potential. Year over year attendance has increased 12% while the operating budget has grown 10% and current assets increased over 90% in less than three years. In the first five months of 2014, online giving increased 35% over the same period the prior year.

I believe in the capacity of humankind to solve the seemingly unsolvable problems of our society through the raising up of individuals to their full potential. Before all other interests, my Faith, my Wife, and my Children are most precious to me. Beyond these basic touchstones in my life, I am my interests are varied.  I am a cultural historian attentive to the impacts of technology on American culture.  I am a strategy and marketing consultant expert in social  innovation, entrepreneurship and communication in today’s fast-paced, attention deprived world.  I explore constantly the possibilities these activities can play in increasing peace and justice. I currently live Hartford, CT with my wife and 5 children.

Bill Heiden